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If you've already visited our Venue Facilities & Hire page and interested in booking with us, or just need some more information, you can either email us

directly on or simply fill out the below form.  

When contacting us to make a booking, please remember to include:
  1. The date you wish to hire -  please note we usually require at least 6 weeks notice prior to any booking date, in order to complete the booking process, so any enquiries made later than this may not be possible
  2. What the event is (i.e. wedding, 5th birthday etc)
  3. Roughly how many people it is for
We can then be sure to come back to you with the relevant information and get you scheduled in for an appointment to visit the hall if we have a date and hall available that meets your needs.  Please note we are an extremely small, part time staffing team, so may take 3-4 working days to come back to you and we appreciate your patience whilst we do.
If you are a class instructor looking to hire our venue for a new session running from our venue, please take a look at our online diary first for availability during the week as we are a very busy venue with only a few slots available.  Then please get in touch with our team, advising what the group is and which hall/session you'd like, and we will then schedule an appointment for you to pop in.